Directing Portfolio

The Last 5 Years

University of Pittsburgh Stages November, 2018

Lighting Design: Natasha Lowy

Costume Design: Sophie Rice

Scenic Design: Kami Beckford

Choreography: Jacqueline Perich

Photos: Anne Amundson

Mary Poppins

Mamma Mia!

Pitt Musical Theatre Club 24- hour festival September, 2018

Collaborative Student Design

Photos: JP Held and Anne Amundson

The Actor's Playground, July 2018

Lighting Design: Nathan Madison

Costume Design: Chloe Torrence

Scenic Design: Sarah Kitzmiller

Choreography: Jaylan Miller

Photos: Anne Amundson


Legally Blonde the Musical

Pitt Musical Theatre Club, April 2018

Lighting Design: Josee Coyle, Cas Peters

Costume Design: Kyle Huber

Scenic Design: Jess Fitzpatrick

Choreography: Liv Palacios

Photos: Anne Amundson

Roustabout: The Great Circus Trainwreck! 


University of Pittsburgh Stages, November 2017

Lighting Design: Elliot Konstant

Costume Design: Jessie Bushkoff

Scenic Design: J. Braun Taylor

Choreography: Liv Palacios

Photos: Liv Palacios