Princess Events 

With The Actor's Playground

Since the age of 11, Chloe has been heavily involved in the planning of large events, festivals and parties involving princess characters. Along with this, she has trained over 50 young actors and actresses to step into the roles of prince or princess with her company, The Actor's Playground. She considers herself a Fairy Godmother to all of her patrons and fairytale performers. Whether it's stitching beautiful ballgowns or decorating a princess bedroom suite, nothing makes her happier than the successful execution of an enchanting day with everyone's favorite princesses. Designing over 40 princess events has strengthened her problem solving abilities as well as her creative drive to make magic out of very little. More information about these events can be found at Highlights of past events include:

The Princess Tea (2008- Present)

Each year, over 400 mothers and daughters attend the event at the Amish Door Village on the Saturday before Mother's Day. Chloe has staffed this event for the past ten years and has directed a performance each year.

Party Like A Princess (2018- Present)

Party Like a Princess is a new event series developing at the Berlin Resort. For these events, Chloe has had a hand in developing group stations, creating performance content and decorating. These event's include The Holiday Tea, The Spring Father Daughter Dance, and The Royal Wedding. 

Christmas at Clay's (2018- Present)

Chloe worked closely with the folks at Clay's Park in North Lawrence, Ohio to bring the magic of princesses to their Christmas Lights Spectacular. Over 5,000 patrons visited the North Pole lights display and mingled with The Actor's Playground princesses.

City of Wooster Daddy Daughter Dance (2018- Present)

For this event, Chloe wrote and directed 3 short skits designed specifically for audience participation from the fathers and daughters attending the celebration. She was able to spin new stories which further delved into the relationships between the princesses and their fathers. The performances resulted in a unique bonding experience for the families in attendance.  

Berlin Harvest Festival (2016-Present)

The Berlin Harvest Festival is held every September in the World's Largest Amish Community. This is a festival Chloe has been attending since she was very young, and its been an honor for her princesses to assist in creating a fun fall atmosphere.

Princess in the Park (2017- Present)

Each year the Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District throws a princess extravaganza in one of their many parks. This event's highlights include breathtaking carriage rides with Cinderella around a lake at sunset and a special visit from Miss Ohio.

The Princess Scavenger Hunt (September 2019)

Chloe assisted in designing this magical Christmas-themed scavenger hunt at Ohio's largest year-round Christmas Shoppe; Tis the Season.  

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